NAPALSA Region Breakdown

NAPALSA breaks down the nation into regions governed by a regional director. This makes it easy for a regional director to reach out to local APALSA chapters and vice versa. Regional directors are also aware of the events and jobs in their region. Reach out to your regional director and become active today.


California is one of the largest states in the nation. It is also one of the most active among the API community. To address these needs, NAPALSA has dedicated one regional director for the whole state.



The Southeast ranges as far east as TX and as far west as HI. While you generally don't see HI in the Southwest, NAPALSA has included it to meet the needs of our RDs and local APALSA chapters. The APALSA local chapters are highly active in networking events, especially in HI and TX.


The Northwest, sometimes referred to as the Pacific Northwest encompasses the states along the coast as well as parts of ID, MT, and WY. AK does not have any law schools, but attempts are being made to bring legal education to the state community within the NW community. NAPALSA has active chapters in WA and OR.



Northeast has the second-largest percentage of residents living in an urban setting with the nation's largest metropolitan area, New York. APALSA chapters and API networks in the Northeast are incredibly active.


The Southeast is comprised of states ranging from the Gulf Coast up to Virginia. The Southeast has an some well-known schools with active APALSA chapters.



The Midwest is the most expansive NAPALSA territory. Despite this, API activity and a majority of job opportunities in the region are centered in urban areas such as Chicago. NAPALSA hopes to increase API activity in the Midwest. Please reach out.

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