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2023-24 All Fees Waived! 


Chapter Membership

Chapter memberships provide a direct line of communication between chapters to other schools in their region and beyond. Chapter memberships are highly encouraged. Chapters can apply for sponsorship, request space on the NAPALSA website, and advertise to our vast network.

In prior years, chapter membership was $75 per year.

Individual Membership

Individual memberships allow students to stay up to date with NAPALSA directly. Since fees are waived this year, we highly encourage students to join!

In prior years, individual membership was $35 per year.

Benefits of Membership

NAPALSA is a national student-led organization that connects Asian Pacific American law student organizations and law students across the country. We believe in fostering a sense of community by providing programming that includes professional networking events and informal spaces for students to get to know APIA legal professionals. By joining NAPALSA, you and your APIA organization are directly benefiting from our national network of students and attorneys as well as our experience and know-how from our twenty-five years of existence. In addition, as a member of NAPALSA, you are contributing to the strength, voice, and power of NAPALSA and the greater APA community. 


Register to become a member of NAPALSA and to connect with other APALSA chapters nationally.  In the wake of COVID-19, the NAPALSA Board has voted to suspend dues for chapters and individual memberships through January 2021. You can sign up by following the "Join Now" link below and entering your website to subscribe to our webpage. Being an official affiliate of NAPALSA will provide your community with great benefits:

Networking Opportunities


  • Annual NAPABA (National Asian Pacific American Bar Association) Convention

  • Regional workshops (e.g. Bay Area APALSA Conference)

  • Inter-APALSA events (e.g. New York Inter-APALSA Council meetings & mixers)


Career and Professional Development


  • Lawyer/Judge Regional Mentorship Program (Connect to practicing legal professionals in the region you intend to practice in post-law school)

  • "First Bite" Program (NAPALSA posts open internships/jobs before these opportunities are made known to the public)

  • APA Resource Handbook (includes information on local bar association and other contacts from across the nation)


National Updates


  • Quarterly NAPALSA newsletter (includes spotlights on chapter affiliates and interviews with attorneys/judges)

  • NAPALSA Podcast

  • Direct link to NAPABA programming updates and important deadlines


APA Unity and Solidarity


  • An APA issue is highlighted in each NAPALSA newsletter

  • Regional workshops involving APA issues have open invitations to affiliates

  • Exchange of statistics and findings on APA enrollment and admissions to law schools, law firms, and public interest organization

Getting Coffee
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