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A New Southern California Chapter

I am recent law graduate who had entered into one of the toughest job markets in years. I graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law and instead of remaining in one of the greenest, yet rainiest places in the United States, I opted to move to good ol' sunny California. Anticipating my move, I sat for the California Bar, which is one of the toughest in the nation.

I decided to take the California Bar for several reasons. Primarily, I have always wanted to live in the greater Los Angeles area. Being born and raised in Alaska-—which is a great place to raise a family and somewhat far away from the complexities of city-life-—and being at the pinnacle of my young adult life, I wanted to live in a BIG city and live or try to live that life. After all, you're only young once. I chose L.A. because it is one of the biggest cities in the nation, and I wanted to stay on the West Coast. Otherwise, I probably would have considered New York City or Chicago. There is something about the West Coast culture. The L.A. area also offers something other major cities don't: the beaches! Growing up in Alaska, I could only imagine what the Californian beaches were like. Sure, Alaska had its beaches... but the beaches were more for great and one-of-a-kind fishing and not for swimming with the beaming sun and tanning on top of the soft, warm sand.

Another equally defining reason for my move to Southern California is the type of work opportunity I wished to pursue. I want to be and work in the sports and entertainment industry. What better city than L.A.? I grew up a Lakers fan and watched the Dodgers quite often (starting when Park Chan Ho was on the team). I played volleyball since middle school. I just love sports. L.A. is the place to be in terms of entertainment as well. There is Hollywood after all. I have a new and deepened appreciation for music. If it wasn't for music, I think I would have gone insane studying for the bar. Music was one of my more necessary tools to de-stress and relax when I would get overwhelmed from bar prep. I watched movies too, but did not or could not watch as many movies. With my love of sports and entertainment, I want to be part of the big transactions to maintain the integrity and the market of these industries. I cannot wait to get more familiarized with the sports and entertainment industries. Yes, I know that it is cut throat and I might need to watch my back, but that just means I'll have work harder to be better. Whether I work for a firm protecting entities in sports and/or entertainment, a team or studio, or an athlete or talent, I know I am going to find something that will make me happy and not regret my decisions.

We all have to create a path for ourselves to achieve what we want; it won't create itself.

Sola Lee is a 2012 graduate of University of Oregon School of Law, former Co-Director of UO's APALSA, former Regional Director of the Pacific North of NAPALSA and is now enjoying life in sunny California!


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