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NAPALSA Convention Panels and Programs


Helen Wan will be speaking at the NAPALSA reception on Thursday evening, Nov. 6 at 8 PM, and at the NAPALSA panel at 10:45 AM on Friday, Nov. 7. Her novel, THE PARTNER TRACK, the story of a young Asian-American associate competing for partnership at a top corporate law firm, was published by Macmillan in the fall. Her book will be available and she will be signing copies at those times.

Her author website is: helenwan.com . Follow her on Twitter @helenwan1 and like her Author Page on Facebook.

NAPALSA Convention Panels:

The Letters of Immigration Law: T, U, and VAWA
Thousands of immigrant women encounter violence and injustice on a daily basis. This panel provides attendees an open forum to hear about and discuss the available legal remedies advocates and attorneys can pursue for their immigrant clients. Panelists will describe their own experiences working on these issues and the challenges they had to overcome. There will be an opportunity for attendees to ask panelists questions.

Your Brand Matters: Staying AheadĀ from that First Impression
This panel will focus on the importance of personal branding, what the hype is all about and how it impacts your career. Your online presence, your first impression, getting hired, winning awards, and being named to positions of leadership – branding is all encompassing. Come learn from seasoned professionals on how branding can help you through your professional journey.

Tit-for-Tat Justice: Taking Charge for Wider Access to Legal Aid
"There are three related but seemingly contradictory issues facing the legal community today. First, there are a huge number of people, many of whom are recent immigrants, who cannot afford legal representation. Second, in the criminal context, most indigent defendants are lucky to receive anything more than perfunctory counsel. Third, in civil and immigration contexts, the legal needs of the poor and those who are limited English proficient exceed the capacity that our non-profits can provide.

What makes this problem maddening is that despite this intense need for lawyers, good job prospects for law school graduates are far and few between. On the one hand, you have millions of people in need of legal services. On the other hand, you have thousands of people trained to be attorneys who cannot find work.

One probable cause of this mismatch is the current astronomical cost of a legal education. Today's law school graduates may finish law school with debt in the six-figures, making working on behalf of the poor economically unfeasible. This panel will explore these issues in depth, exchange innovative policy solutions to these issues, and explore ways on how law students can pursue a career serving disenfranchised populations."

A Firsthand Insight into Different Sectors: Life on the Inside
This panel will analyze and compare the experiences of attorneys from each sector as they describe the search and success in their careers. Learn how each sector differs and gain an in-depth perspective into the daily life of these sectors. Listen to personal experiences and different strategies in acquiring a position in the public sector, government sector, private sector, or as in-house counsel. This open forum will allow discussion and inquiries about the benefits and difficulties to consider.

The Road Less Travelled: Where Can a JD Lead You?
Congratulations! You are either pursuing a law degree or close to reaching the prestigious title of esquire. What now? Sure, you could apply for jobs in the government or law firm, and there's nothing wrong with following convention, but with the current job market and the increasing difficulty of finding a traditional job at a firm, it is time to expand the horizons and explore innovative ways to use your JD.
This panel provides a discourse on non-traditional legal careers and opportunities for students to pursue careers that do not involve following a traditional law firm attorney job. Hear from professionals as they describe what it means to take the road less traveled and how they found themselves on that path.

Maintaining the Scale between Home and Work as Partner
In law school, we all experienced the challenge of discovering the perfect balance between our social lives and school. As our careers progress, this balance becomes trickier to achieve. For law firm partners, it seems like there is not enough time in the world to do it all. Hear from leading partners who have successfully managed their work-life balance. This panel will focus on what to expect when making partner and how these partners accomplish harmony between their work and their personal lives.

Aspiring Leaders in Emerging Areas of Law
Just like any other esteemed professions, the legal field has concentrated niches that are gradually becoming established and well-known. Some areas of law have begun to develop more as technological advancements and culture evolve. Other laws may have existed for ages but have altered significantly since its inception. With the world constantly changing, attorneys need to be able to accommodate and adapt. Come listen to some of the leading practitioners in differing areas of law, such as environmental law, privacy law, military law/law of armed conflict, intellectual property law, and health law. This panel will discuss the experiences of attorneys who have made leading strides in their prospective fields. The panel will also address how one can start in one niche area of the law and move into other niche areas as your career progresses.

NAPALSA Convention Programs:

Resume Review
Have a skilled attorney personally review and comment on your resume based on your interest of practice. During your time, discuss and ask questions about modifying and tailoring your resume to your needs.

Mock Interview
An individualized interview experience with a legal professional designed to provide advice and practice. The mock interview starts the moment you enter the door. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to receive feedback and ask questions about interviewing skills.

8 Minute Mentoring
As every law student and first-year associate know, a mentor can potentially become a valuable resource. Furthermore, the relationship between a mentor and a mentee is a two-way street. This program provides an opportunity for law students to meet and converse with various attorneys as they learn to navigate the legal profession. This context of this program was developed with the approach of fostering ongoing mentor-mentee relationships even after the end of the conference. The decision to maintain that rapport is entirely up to the attendee's discretion.

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